'Consumers rather not buy a product from a brand that doesn't take a stand'

Epica's Creative Circle will be about brands and political correctness. Three participants share some more, quick thoughts on tape.

Jacqueline Bosselaar, Het PR Bureau

Epica's Creative Circle

Friso Westenberg, Head of Brand Nuon, Jacqueline Bosselaar, Founder and CEO Het PR Bureau, and Geraldo Vallen, Founder Join the Pipe and Czar, will join Epica's Creative Circle on November 15th in the KIT Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam.

Friso Westenberg, Jacqueline Bosselaar and Geraldo Vallen speak out

Do brands have to take a stand?

The Epica Awards are the only international industry prize that’s awarded by journalists. Its conference – with the theme ‘Will Responsibility Kill Creativity?’ – will all be about brands’ role in society. To what extent are they responsible for a better world? And how does it influence their communication, for better or worse?

The findings of round table sessions with CMO's, creatives, journalists, agency directors, opinion leaders, creators and scientists will be collected and shared with the worldwide (industry)press.

If you would like to be part of Creative Circles, please contact kyra@adbusiness.amsterdam, +31-6-11303369. There are only so many tables. Tickets for Epica’s Award Show can be purchased here.

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