ADCN live from Cannes: Gijs de Beus

Een fotoverslag in het Engels van het Nederlanse Media Lions-jurylid.

Helaas hebben we niet meer de rechten op de originele afbeelding

door Gijs de Beus

This is the jury room for the first three days. We went trough 150 cases a day on average and then 350+ shortlist cases in one day. 

With this view it was doable of course. Definitely not the dreadful dungeon people said it would be.

Catching up with all 35 media judges at the club Mindshare. They’re off-Croisette in a villa; it’s a cool place.

Up above – Jury duty can be really hard. Today’s Sunday and the festival is really kicking off. Tomorrow we choose the winners from the shortlist. Some quiet before the storm. Above – Our jury president (Mindshare) wasn’t kidding when he said everything is a medium. Mental note: the competition has their own towels.

Apparently the place to be this year is on a yacht. But I didn’t feel like swimming that far.

A new emerging trend in hospitality I noticed in Cannes. (Free media jury insights for whoever finds out where this is in Cannes.)

Just another Cannes sunset. Tomorrow we decide who gets Media Lions.

They weren’t kidding when they said everyone drinks a lot of rosé here.  I Think this was a 4,5 liter bottle. There was a 3-liter bottle earlier. This was after we finished the first round of judging.


Our own Havas cafe on the Croisette. Set to get started tomorrow. Next to my hotel, so glad judging ends tomorrow.

Don’t forget to get a Havas hat (although for the life of me I can’t figure out how the vending machine works myself).

De ADCN doet onder de noemer ;ADCN Live from Cannes&; verslag van het 62ste Cannes Lions Festival

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