Staying ahead in maritime business produces new corporate video

Ahead in towage

KOTUG International is a leading Towage Services provider, with a fleet of 100+ tugs active across the globe. KOTUG’s areas of expertise include Terminal Towage, Harbour Towage, Offshore Operations and Salvage Operations. KOTUG charters vessels to clients worldwide on short and long term contracts. Her long-standing knowledge is consolidated in the Maritime Excellence Center which provides training and consultancy. Headquartered in The Netherlands, KOTUG is active in Europe, Russia, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Caribbean and continues to expand its operations worldwide.

KOTUG combines global knowledge with local expertise in several Joint Ventures with local partners. KOTUG is renowned for establishing solid, long-term business relationships with clients in industries such as Oil & Gas, Mining, Renewables, Offshore and Port Authorities. KOTUG is firmly committed to the highest industry standards of health, safety, environment, quality and security. With roots going back as far as 1911, KOTUG is a family-owned company. KOTUG fosters a highly innovative culture that has brought forth inventions such as the Rotortug®, E-Kotug, Infield Support Vessel (ISV) and Heat Recycling System. KOTUG provides sustainable towage and related services to the maritime industry, exceeding clients’ expectations. created and produced the new 'Ahead in Towage' corporate film for Kotug International in cooperation with Video Agency. The film will be used to increase Kotug businesses internationally. The aim is to get potential customers interested in the vision and culture of the company, so that they are even more likely to engage with Kotug on a global scale.

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