Why SuperRebel® Skigear for kids is now trending

SuperRebel® Kidsgear wants to be the coolest and most sustainable sports and ski brand for kids

The Brave Brand for Kids

In 2017 SuperRebel® launched a ski collection for kids. It was a test.This is now a major international breakthrough for the brand that was launched in The Netherlands in 2015 as a joint venture between SuperRebel® and the Brand Works/ Jolo Fashion Group.

In the beginning, the brand was only sold in The Netherlands, but now you can buy it in a lot of countries, like Germany, Spain, Austria, Italy, Korea, China and Japan. In building a brand the "old-fashioned way" in a fast new world —relying on a close network of friends and member of SuperRebel Army who test the products, focusing on a consistent design language, high-quality products, and a strong message (The Brave Brand for Kids), SuperRebel® has found the right direction. In an age where music is virtually free and everything else is little more than a click away on the internet, the youth have turned their attentions and their wallets to fashion and clothes as the means of expressing themselves.

This might explain the early success of SuperRebel Kidsgear and the fact that more and more older kids and young adults love the brand. Still the items with strong SuperRebel® branding are sold the best. At SuperRebel® experienced people design collections that are based on the unique dna of the brand as well as user experience.

But what is the reason for success?

Charlotte Varossieau, Brand Manager SuperRebel Kidsgear: "We receive a lot of comments and tips of parents about our ski collections and we are improving all the time. In the fields of design and tech. Today's parents want their kids to look cool, to be well protected and to be easy to find. This is why our reflective jackets are a trend. We are a brand of the street. A family." For the future the brand has serious ambitions. SuperRebel wants to be the coolest sports and ski brand for kids. But it also wants to become the first sustainable kids brand. Jolo fashion Group is a partner of Cleandye. CleanDye is the one-stop shop for sustainable, clean dyed garments. SuperRebel Kidsgear has its own marketing strategy. We are working together with influencers, SuperRebel Army and team up with retailers like Daka Sport, Bol.com, Intersport and Skihut to develop unique campaigns. Since the SuperRebel family started as a creative agency we should we in a position to build a strong brand in a non-traditional way. Like wo do for a lot of international brands at SuperRebel.com. 

The Brave Brand for Kids.
Please don't tell our parents. superrebelkidsgear.com

About SuperRebel® Kidsgear:

Nobody beats a SuperRebel®. In 2015 we created the iconic SUPERREBEL KidsGear brand as a collaboration between SuperRebel® and the Brand Works company. A sports and street couture brand designed for rebellious kids. Since we started, SuperRebel® KidsGear has become internationally known for quality, style and bravery. And especially for our attitude. We simply want to be the best. In order to protect our identity, we only work with designers and photographers who are the bravest of the brave. Even our materials couldn’t be more SUPERREBEL-ious. We combine special fabrics with high-tech innovative materials. Our clothing and accessories are heavily inspired by sports and street culture. You can easily mix and match our basics, sports and fashion collections to create your own style. That’s what makes us the ultimate brand for cool kids who already know what they want. We’re not a fashion brand, but a fashion statement. That’s why we believe in selective distribution. So you won’t find SuperRebel® on every street corner. Sorry, not sorry. #bebrave

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Photo credits: Cooper Seykens 

Contact for press/interviews: Evy Heuvelhorst (evy@superrebel.com)

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