Navigating today’s creative landscape

In this era of massive change, the resounding mantra for creators is clear: adapt or risk sinking into the shadows.

Justin Blyth, Executive Creative Director - Ambassadors

As Executive Creative Director I've had a front-row seat to the seismic shift in the needs of brands, and how creative agencies respond to those needs. Where traditional approaches are rapidly giving way to innovative and sometimes completely new ways of working.


Flexibility isn’t a buzzword

We can’t phone it in - flexibility is not a buzzword anymore. The ability to pivot is a vital survival tool for creators and brands. It’s also tough. Entire companies and pipelines are built around traditional methods. And at larger companies, it’s turning a big ship. Flexibility means crafting assets for brands that easily adapt across platforms and audiences, cutting through the noise to stay relevant, true to their voice, and worthy of a moment of our attention. It means being reactive, experimental, using your voice, using data, using everything. This versatility is key to staying connected with audiences while the digital and cultural landscape shifts daily.

Creative Automation was a whole new world when I joined Ambassadors. Once I embedded myself in the process from a driver’s seat and saw what it can do for brands- I was sold. It enables creatives and marketers to be instantly reactive without the time needed to brief, review and create new assets. If you're a copywriter- imagine typing your line directly into the spot with the edit, grading, logos, animation and fonts all correct. If you're a brand- imagine testing those lines. It’s that.

Adaptability: the edge in a competitive landscape

Adaptability involves more than just reacting to trends or market shifts; it's about foreseeing them and taking risks. It’s about embracing change. It’s about swiftly resonating with emerging trends, changing consumer preferences, and daily advances in tech. Brands that do that are brands that lead the pack.

This proactive adaptability isn't a luxury; it's a critical element for staying competitive. It would be weird not to talk about ai here. We shy away from using ai to visualize or ideate, but as a tool to streamline processes and create things that were not possible previously, I absolutely love it. We don’t talk a lot about our machine learning, we just use it to excel.

Photogrammetry in 'Groene Bedoelingen': a case film

In the recent "Groene Bedoelingen" campaign for ASN Bank which promotes sustainability, our use of photogrammetry is a nice example of flexibility & adaptability to the brief- and the budget. This method transformed real objects into detailed 3D models, eliminating the need for a traditional film shoot– a method we have used on this film series for years. This approach not only allowed for a more lifelike portrayal but also increased our flexibility, as elements can be used and reused independently. This approach allowed us to shave time and costs, create more flexible assets, and take a more sustainable path by avoiding a studio shoot.

By integrating everything into a real-time rendering pipeline, we've significantly accelerated our ability to produce quick, effective social content. This shift not only allows for fast adjustments and renders, but lowers the cost and turnover time for the agency. Curious to know how? Tune in to our case film

Looking ahead: flexibility and adaptability

As we progress through 2024, the significance of flexibility cannot be overstated. In a landscape that's constantly evolving, being rigid and traditional is not an option. Every project comes down to budget, timing and concept. In our mission to create things on time, on budget, and as groundbreaking as possible in craft and creativity- any tool or process that gets the job done is a tool I want to use. I’m simultaneously terrified and thrilled by the new possibilities I see every day. It will take less people and less time to make more things, that is true. But as we adapt tools that harness creativity, that excel creativity, not replace it- that’s the sweet spot. 

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