Brand Love Story report: The world’s most loved brands

Brand love is a powerful metric that marketers must prioritize if they hope to build sustainable brands.

Brand love is a powerful long-term connection between consumers and brands, who build on that relationship to drive affinity, loyalty, and engagement. The past year gave marketers the opportunity to reflect on their customer experience and rethink how to engage their customers to create trust and love. 

Consumer attitudes shifted during the pandemic, and brands were quick to realize that. More than ever before, consumers are judging brands based not only on the service/product they provide but also on what they represent and stand for. Whether it’s being against racism, social inequality, or climate change -- brands can no longer be silent.

Talkwalker recently published its second edition of the Brand Love Story, which discovers the world’s most loved brands for 2021, as well as highlights the changes caused by the pandemic on the relationship between brands and consumers.

We analyzed over 1,200 global brands to identify the ones generating the most consumer love during lockdown.

According to Talkwalker data, Huda Beauty is this year’s most loved brand, particularly due to its trust-based community engagement efforts and strategic influencer marketing tactics. 

Download your free copy of the Brand Love Story report now to learn how you can redefine your brand’s relationship with consumers.

Also, throughout June, Talkwalker will be holding an industry expert series with thought leaders from HubSpot, Hootsuite, Pinterest, Eataly, Victorinox, and many more.

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