Willemijn van Hussen (ADCN-jury): 'Creativity can make a difference in a digital and data driven-world'

In de 1e aflevering van ‘Jury perspectives’ deelt Willemijn van Hussen van Tambr haar inzichten als jurylid in de categorie Digital.

Adformatie en ADCN interviewen juryleden van de Dutch Creativity Awards. Vandaag: Willemijn van Hussen van bureau Tambr, jurylid in de categorie Digital. Inzenden voor de Dutch Creativity Awards kan tot woensdag 29 juni. De uitreiking vindt plaats op een nader bekend te maken datum in oktober.

When we hear a familiar sound, it transports us to special feelings, characters, times and places instantly – that's why implementing sonic identities were one of the biggest investment for brands in recent years. For our first Jury Perspective of this season, we dive in with Willemijn van Hussen, Founder of the sonic branding agency TAMBR, and Jury Member in our Digital discipline for everything related to sound. Read Willemijn's opinion about the field of sonic branding, the industry changes that are overdue, and TAMBR's impactful initiative during last year's lockdown.

As the founder of Tambr, what gap did you see in the industry that drove you to start a sonic branding agency?

The power of sound has always been insufficiently used by brands. Meanwhile audio consumption is increasing and sound is proven to be the most effective brand asset available - by far. Sound branding has been a matter of creativity and gut feeling only. The time was ready for a more academic approach. TAMBR has developed rock solid sonic branding method combining creativity, marketing and musical knowledge with data and A.I. Providing remarkable brands with their own sound identity.

How does one start a sonic branding creative sessions?

We take a deep dive into the brand, the competition and the audience before we start to compose. By really knowing who the brand is, combined with our methodology we are able to create a spot-on briefing for our composers. We also focus on eliminating personal taste of the people in the clients team and teaming up with agencies early on in the process.

What do you sonsider a brilliant example of sonic branding?

Coca-Cola is consistent in their sonic branding, but of course Unox is also a good example. But watch our clients entering the sonic branding arena!

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the word ‘Unity’?

Unity stands for equality, to be open and fair. To recognise and use each others talents and differences.

Where do you feel the creative industry still needs to come together and evolve?

There are still a lot of traditional, rather arrogant male bosses in our sector, full of themselves, strongly believing in their own expertise, not open to new ways of doing things. Their use of language illustrates their disdain. Men I do not know at all, calling me or a colleague "mop" or "schat" in an e-mail, this should not be possible anymore, right? No matter how cool you think you are.

Was there a project in your career that left an impact on yourself or helped you spread impact to others?

During the first lock down the creative sector in Rotterdam, hometown of TAMBR, was hit very badly. Musicians with no income at all, not able to perform. We created Soundtrack010, the sound of Rotterdam, staging more than 30 Rotterdam based musicians in the empty spaces of the city. The music and video went viral and created a lot of positive attention for our creatives and their value for the city.

If you could give a piece of advice to your younger self…

Never play down your talents and achievements" and "Trust your intuition.

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