Nominaties Digital Communication Awards 2015 zijn bekend

Nederlandse kanshebbers zijn onder andere contentmarketingbureau Zandbeek en pr-bureau Glasnost.

Helaas hebben we niet meer de rechten op de originele afbeelding

De Digital Communication Awards, die jaarlijks in Berlijn worden uitgereikt, selecteren de beste campagnes en projecten op het gebied van digitale communicatie in Europa. Daarbij worden maar liefst 34 categorieën onderscheiden.

Een overzicht van de Nederlandse genomineerden, en hun reactie:

● In de categorie Blog: Zandbeek, voor Entre Deux met de case Entre Deux Fashion Blog Battle. ‘Zandbeek used social influencer marketing to put Entre Deux, a small shopping center in fashion city Maastricht (NL) back on the map. With the Fashion Blog Battle, we engaged 50 prominent fashion bloggers AND their large networks – greatly increasing our reach. The crème de la crème of those 50 fashion bloggers now represent Entre Deux for an entire year in a monthly fashion blog!’

● In de categorie Product Launch: Lewis PR met de case 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. ‘20th Century Fox’s motion picture based onJames Dashner’s dystopian science fiction trilogy, The Maze Runner, was a big box-office hit. For the home video distribution of the blockbuster, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment partnered with LEWIS in the Netherlands.  Together with NewBeTv, LEWIS created a YouTube concept for a Dutch version of the Maze Runner. The star was obvious: influential vlogger, Theaumes, who had Tweeted that he could be the Dutch Maze Runner. Theaumes, and his strong fanbase of young adults (178.000+ channel subscribers), formed the basis for the three episodes. The episodes were based on the original movie storyline: they would be ‘dropped’ in an unknown destination in the Netherlands and had to escape an urban Maze within a strict timeframe. Theaumes invited fellow influential vloggers in the Netherlands to join him in one of the three episodes.’

● In de categorie Internal Communication: Flickering Wall, voor Heineken met de case Heineken Green Room. ‘Heineken Green Room is a new online platform which facilitates employee advocacy and storytelling. Aimed at the internal audience of 81,000 employees but with the majority of content shareable externally, all content is generated by employee reporters. Green Room is where they share their on-the-ground HEINEKEN experiences, inspire each other and be stronger company brand advocates, And it’s fun.’

● In de categorie Annual Report: Glasnost Communications, voor Vodafone met Intouch / Vodafone Integrated Report 2014-2015. ‘The idea for new Vodafone Report was to build an editorial, dynamic platform which is easy to read, that engages with all the stakeholders and gives the opportunity to easily get to the information your interested in without loosing context. We managed to successfully create this online magazine platform, get a big Vodafone team involved, resulting in great enthusiasm amongst the stakeholders.’

● In de categorie Social Media Platform: Philips, met Refreshing A Brand, Igniting Engagement: Brand content excellence for Philips on Facebook. ‘A refresh of the Philips brand in November 2013 presented fresh communications objectives and the challenge to improve our connections with fans on Facebook. By revitalizing our approach to content through storytelling, visual quality and consistency, and focusing on the human benefit we drove the average virality of our content up from 1.26% in 2013, to 2.83% in 2014 and 7.14% so far in 2015.’

● In de categorie Best Master’s Thesis: twee nominaties voor Rotterdam School of Management. Een geschreven door (LinkedIn advertising - in search of quality leads) en een door (The effect of Brand Personality on Consumer Engagement on Facebook and Twitter).

De complete shortlist van de Digital Communication Awards 2015 staat .


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